Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair Pictures

Long straight hair is gorgeous when it’s healthy and sleek. You can still take it to the next level by incorporating side bangs, sweet layers or pulling it back into an incredible up-do. On the contrary, you can still let the healthy-shiny long hair do all the talking, and here are some of the top ways to rock in long straight hair:

Keeping swirly and straight

Sometimes having shiny straight hairs is all you need to look great. This is simply achieved by growing healthy hair before leaving it to do all the talking on your behalf. You can switch it up by adding some little curling on the bangs to create some contrasting, interest and you’re set to go.

Sophisticated strands

This hairstyle up-do works perfect with any woman that intends to keep her hair up and off her face as well, and still be able to show off her long locks. These super-sleek strands will then cascade backwards into an incredible waterfall. You can also add some interest by teasing it slightly at the top which may also help in giving it a little volume.

Braided beauty

If you have long straight hair and you want to amp it, then adding a small braid on one side of your hair can greatly give you that flattery look. This hairstyle works better with blond hair as well as any one that wishes to create a fun-shattered impression. You can still go a step further and add several braids for more texture, or secure a small ribbon for your hair before braiding all the hair that is to go through the ribbon with your preferred pop of color.

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