Hair Style Trends Pictures

The messy bun: If you have an oblong, heart or oval face, then this is a trend that matches your face. The style works well with the medium and fine hair. The styling involves pulling the hair at the nape into a pony and using an elastic, tie the hair to form a loop. The loop pieces are then pinned at the pony base. The pieces are then left to fall all around your face naturally.

The punk hair colour: This trend revolves around colouring your hair in whatever colour you prefer; purple, blue,green or pink. The hair has to be lightened beyond the pale yellow stage first before applying the punk hair colour of your choice. This hairstyle is more salient in the public and no one can fail noticing it.

The long bob hair trend: This is one of the hottest trending haircut. It blends with almost all types of hair and face shapes. This hairstyle is versed with different styling options like the wavy, sleek, straight or the half-up. It is also easy to style up.

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